May 11, 2016 Joyce L:

"Thank you, thank you for the great picture and lovely presentation... Hopefully I'll get up to see your studio this summer.
Your work is wonderful"


March 22, 2016 John B:

Huge shout out to Coco Foy for these rad paintings of Hitch and Daisy!! Check out her website!! She does amazing work!


February 19, 2016 Molly M:

I'm loving this custom painting Coco Foy made for me of Snowshoe Thompson!!! XxoooxO


January 23, 2016 Ashley P:

Sweet dog portrait Coco Foy painted of my pup, Luna! I love it!



December 28, 2015, Vicky C:

Coco you rock Bri loves it! It looks just like them Thanks my friend


December 28, 2015 Grace G:

Beautiful! The eyes & face are so expressive & what a great background color too! You are sooo talented!


November 3,2015 Kristine G:

Best gift EVER!!! 😘


July 17, 2015, Lora:

"Good morning Coco!  Dori arrived and she is beautiful!  I know her dad will love the portrait.  Thx so much!"

March 4, 2015 Nate J:

Thanks to Coco for her incredible work!!


October 3, 2014 Andy G:

Thanks Coco Foy painting looks awesome Abby loves it lol


September 18, 2014 The Blue Bull:

Come check out our new art!!! Thank you Coco foy, we love it.


On May 26, 2014, Casey H:

"Hi, Well, I went to our car show on Friday night and guess what?  I won Best in Class for 1933-1954 modified car.  Thanks in no small part to the very cool sign board, lots of compliments.  thanks again."  

 May 17, 2014, Grace G:

(to the purchaser) …" beautiful artwork by Coco of our doggies. Not only that, but so beautifully matted & framed! thanks so much ---we both love it. You needened do that!!!! But geeeee----glad you did!!!

Thanks so much --we really love them."


April 30, 2014, Ashley H:


'The painting arrived and is beautiful!! You did an amazing job and I loved the colors you chose!!  Again thank you so much!! I love it!! '


April 20, 2014, Clare T: 

"They are just exquisite and you captured their personalities to the most minute detail!!!

 cant believe you could do that without even meeting them..

 the colors are perfect and those frames are just lovely and so classic

 'my sister' will just flip

 thank you so much for all the time and love you put into each and every portrait!!!!!!!"


 March 24, 2014, Tom & Cindy P:

"We love our painting of our 10 year old English Lab Amos on the Four Wheeler. Coco is quite a talent and we have Amos' painting proudly on display in our family room for all to see and enjoy. Coco really captured Amos' love for riding the Four Wheeler. We just love the way she captured his ears flying in the wind. Having ridden behind Amos on the Four Wheeler for many miles, I've always gotten a real kick out of watching his ears flapping in the wind. Coco's talent has immortalized the look on canvas. We will always treasure this painting.

Thanks so much"


March 21, 2014, Claudia:

"Just a note to let you know how much I love your work! 
Your aunt gifted me with a picture of my two dogs that you did. 
I have it hanging in my office for all to see. Many patients have admired it! 
You do super work!
Good luck to you!"


 Jan 21, 2014,  Tiffany:

 " I got my painting of my kitties just a few minutes ago, opened it right away, and I must say it is absolutely the BEST most BEAUTIFUL portrait I have seen! Thanks so much! I absolutely love it! The colors are very pretty and really make my kitties stand out and it! Such wonderful work!"