Book Binding...Feels Good

Book binding is a skill I have been perfecting for over ten years now. I remember my first class so vividly. A small dim lit, cozy studio nestled in the forrest just outside of Santa Cruz, CA. Taught by the amazingly talented fiber artist, Jody Alexander ( She led us through the process of meticulously folding, cutting, sewing, repeat. After a few concentrated hours  it was time to add the cover and sewn embellishments. My cover paper had a lumpy hand made surface in a creamy pink, white and tan. It reminded me of oatmeal. I folded the cover over the signatures and sewed a wheat stalk of waxy thread, pink, white, and green.  Here in my hands were 80 perfect cream colored pages. Tightly woven in the shape of a book. Hand torn edges. Reddish brown waxed string. The only thing I ever wrote in this book to this very day is  "CCF 2004," 1/8 inch tall lettering with a black Sharpie on the inside of the back cover. 

Click the photo to see the process...

I have made many books in a similar style since then using an array of waxy threads, hand made papers, buttons, yarn, and found images for decoration. They are a wonderful convenient size, about 4.5 X 5.5 inches and half inch thick. I have one as a Salsa Journal, Home Made Recipe Book, School Journal, Business contacts and inventory, daily sketch book, ideas... wow, looks like I have kept quite a few for myself! haha!